1. Go through the directions thoroughly to familiarise yourself with the area the interview will be in and ensure that you don’t get lost.
  2. If you know that it is going to take you a long time to get there, plan ahead to allow yourself sufficient time and not place undue stress on yourself.
  3. Be timeous, but do not arrive too early as this places pressure on the Client. If you happen to arrive early, go and have a beverage somewhere in the vicinity and return closer to the appointed time. Obviously you should definitely not be late!
  4. Ensure that you send us the relevant copies of your qualifications, ID and payslip as soon as possible – preferably before the interview. That way if your interview is successful and the Client would like to make you an offer there is no time wasted waiting for documentation.
  5. Ensure that the references on your CV have up-to-date and contactable details because this can waste a lot of time before offers are released if they are not.
  6. Ensure that you are contactable as it is vital that we are able to reach you in the event of the interview or venue being changed.
  7. Conduct some research into the company that will be interviewing you via their website to ensure that you familiarise yourself with their industry.
  8. Do not be shy to ask questions during the interview for the purposes of clarity and to ensure that you are fully informed in the event of an offer being made.
  9. Try not to discuss salary during the interview as we will negotiate the best rate on your behalf should an offer be made. The Client is informed in advance of your current package and you need to avoid overselling or underselling yourself.
  10. We are aware that interview situations are stressful, but try and relax as far as possible and remember that it is perfectly natural to be a bit nervous.