1. Never imply that you are merely testing the market by attending the interview, but rather demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position for which you are being interviewed.
  2. Prepare diligently for your interview in order to ensure that you never have to respond “I don’t know” to any of the questions posed.
  3. Obviously you should prepare some answers to questions you anticipate will arise during the interview, but avoid lengthy speeches and quotes, as this appears too scripted.
  4. Do not criticise a previous employer, as this reflects negatively on your personal character and integrity.
  5. Avoid saying anything that might appear overly familiar or flirtatious, such as complimenting appearance or clothing.
  6. While it is important to appear enthusiastic, avoid leading your interviewer to believe that you are desperate for the position by alluding to being financially or otherwise constrained.
  7. When asked about your weak points, never say that you have none, as this is not only impossible, but implies arrogance, which is never well-received.
  8. Don’t ask about promotional opportunities, as this will be construed as lack of commitment to the position for which you are being interviewed.
  9. The leave benefits and other perks would be outlined in any offer which may arise, therefore do not ask how much time off you can expect, as this does not illustrate your commitment to working hard.
  10. Prepare a few questions prior to the interview, as it implies limited interest in the position if you say that you have no questions.